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  1. so how it went? are u still making money of it or?
  2. just put some high paying keywords lol, send traffic and within 24h you will get decent cpc.
  3. i just made a thread, this will help you
  4. This is a better way to track adsense clicks to prevent invalid traffic. Click Fraud Monitor actually sucks, if you click close to the ad but not the ad itself it counts it as a click. This is a better way to track them using JQuery.IframeTrack plugin. Link of the plugin Cookie plugin to count clicks Including them is pretty easy and well explained in the links above so im just gonna give a snippet to connect both together. adcode.. $(document).ready(function(){ // if user has clicked hide the ad if(Cookies.get('clicked')==1){ $("#myAds").remove(); } // detect user click $('#myAds iframe').iframeTracker({ blurCallback: function(){ Cookies.set('clicked', 1); } }); }); This is the best way i have found so far, even through not perfect it still is great.
  5. and you think an user agent is enough?
  6. Auiooo

    Tarjetas virtuales

    you can use entropay
  7. you can find them on torrents, so can make by yourself, just google 'idpacks cleaned'.
  8. Auiooo


    Hi, I'm Aio .. found the forum while googling. Been the forum i was looking for a long time since i do what is related to content on here. Some info of me: programmer, marketer. ps. i do not know Spanish so hope English is ok

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